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TEENAGE Thug smashed window OF PATROL CAR

A TEENAGER kicked out the back window of a garda patrol car in an act of "thuggery" after he became abusive because his friend's car was being seized by officers.

Patrick Noonan (19) smashed the window as he became aggressive following his arrest.

Judge David McHugh adjourned the case at Blanchardstown District Court for payment of €110 compensation.

Noonan, of Meile an Ri Crescent, Balgaddy, Lucan, admitted breach of the peace and causing criminal damage.

The incident happened at the Mill Centre, Ninth Lock Road, Clondalkin, last September 15.


Sgt Mary Doherty told the court that gardai were seizing a car over a traffic incident when Noonan, a passenger, became abusive, calling them "p***ks and a**holes."

He refused to stop, and when arrested he continued to be aggressive in the patrol car. He disengaged the safety belt and kicked out, smashing the rear passenger window.

The car was inoperable for several days afterwards.

Noonan had alcohol taken on the night and "simply should not have become involved in the situation", his lawyer told the judge.

The defendant had no previous convictions.

"This is thuggery, even if he is 19 years old and this is his first time out in court," Judge McHugh said.

"He wasn't even getting angry on his own behalf, he was venting."