Tuesday 25 September 2018

Teen who led gardai on high-speed M50 chase was prison escapee

The Oberstown House detention centre in Lusk.

A teenager who was arrested in a stolen car after leading eight garda cars and the garda helicopter on a high-speed chase on the Tallaght bypass had escaped a detention centre for youth offenders last week.

The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was one of four teens who escaped from the Oberstown House complex in Lusk recently.

Two managed to flee the centre on Sunday, May 17, while another two fled last Tuesday.

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The Herald exclusively revealed the escapes last week, as well as how locals were living in fear when it was reported that two of the youths had been seen in the yard of a local house belonging to elderly residents.

Two of the absconders who escaped on the Sunday later returned to Oberstown and are back in detention, but until yesterday the other two remained at large.

Then between 5.30am and 6am yesterday there was a dramatic development when a Hyundai Santa-Fe four-wheel-drive car was stolen from a house in Tallaght.

The Oberstown House detention centre in Lusk.

The Oberstown House detention centre in Lusk

The alarm was raised immediately and local garda units spotted the vehicle being driven away from the area and followed it but it failed to stop.

As the stolen vehicle raced down the Tallaght bypass towards Templeogue more units joined in the pursuit.

By the time the stolen car reached the Spawell roundabout there were eight garda vehicles chasing it and the pursuit was also being monitored from the air by the helicopter.

The car then turned around the Spawell roundabout and drove at speed back up the other side of the bypass towards Tallaght.

"There was a fair bit of traffic on the bypass at the time, and the next thing this Hyundai came flying down the road with a trail of garda cars behind it," one witness told the Herald.

"Some of the cars were squad cars and the others were unmarked detective cars, but they all had lights on and sirens blaring," they added.

"The helicopter was above watching the whole chase unfold, and then the guy in the Hyundai went all the way around the Spawell roundabout and shot back up towards Tallaght with the garda cars and the helicopter still after him," they explained.

The stolen car was eventually stopped in the Jobstown area of Tallaght and one youth was arrested at the scene.


He was taken to Tallaght Garda Station for questioning and it has emerged that he is one of those who had escaped Oberstown.

He is now believed to be back in detention.

The juvenile criminal has been posting pictures on his Facebook account since he absconded, posing defiantly with friends.

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