Thursday 14 December 2017

Teen waved knife at girls

a TROUBLED teenage boy, who brandished a knife at a group of young girls, has been remanded in custody.

Dublin Children's Court heard there is a threat against the 15-year-old boy's life. The case resumes next week.

In December a positive pre-sentence probation report on the boy was furnished to the court. Yesterday the case resumed and Judge John O'Connor heard the teenager has since picked up four new charges and he noted there were concerns for the boy's safety in light of threats.

Two of the boy's new charges are for knife possession and the others are under the Public Order Act.

He had missed 13 dates when he was supposed to sign on at his local garda station.

Martian ocean as big as Arctic

An ancient Martian ocean held more water than the Arctic Ocean on Earth, scientists believe.

It once covered what is now the planet's arid northern plains and would have contained at least 20 million cubic kilometres of water.

That was during the planet's wet Noachian period, which ended about 3.7 billion years ago when life was just emerging on Earth.

Jedis coming to Tussauds

The Empire Strikes Wax - a team of sculptors are hard at work making models for a new Star Wars display at Madame Tussauds.

The exhibition includes 16 of the films' most famous characters.

Han Solo will be shown in the famous bar scene from the first film while Carrie Fisher's character will be depicted as the prisoner of Jabba the Hutt from Return Of The Jedi.

Kate set to visit Downton set

KATE Middleton is set to visit the set of award-winning TV series Downton Abbey.

The Duchess will meet screenwriter Lord Fellowes and cast members Dame Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville and Robert James-Collier on the set's Servants Hall at Ealing Studio.

The studio visit will take place on March 12.

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