Thursday 14 December 2017

Teen threw runner at garda in courtroom

a TROUBLED 15-old-boy, who threw a runner at a garda as she gave evidence against him, has been remanded in custody.

The youth has pleaded guilty at the Dublin Children's Court to attacking his father and damaging a TV after an incident at the family home last August.

Yesterday, he was before the court on new charges for criminal damage to a taxi car and possessing a stolen bicycle. The court heard that the Child and Family Agency (CFA) are considering placing the teen in a secure care facility. But currently the only accommodation that could be offered to the boy was in hostels.


During the hearing, Garda Amanda King gave evidence the boy had broken his bail terms, which included a curfew. She said it was not known where the boy was from day to day.

The court heard that there were concerns the boy was under the influence of substances.

The teenager, whose parents attended the hearing, became agitated as the evidence was given. By the time she had finished outlining her objections to bail, the youth had taken off one of his runners and flung it at Gda King. His shoe flew past his own lawyer and a solicitor for the CFA.

Gda King ducked as the runner flew over her head and hit a courtroom video monitor before landing on the floor. The teenager was restrained and escorted from the courtroom.

Judge O'Connor remanded him in custody to a juvenile detention centre to appear again next week.

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