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Teen shoplifted after split from husband

A TEENAGER who shoplifted from two stores was in "emotional freefall" after separating from her husband, a court heard.

Tina Lawrence (18), who had only recently married, went into "self-destruct mode" and stole perfume and groceries.

Judge David McHugh told her he would leave her without a criminal record if she made a charity donation.

He adjourned the case at Blanchardstown District Court.

Lawrence, of Foxborough Court, Lucan, pleaded guilty to stealing €200 worth of perfume from Boots, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, last July 2.

She also admitted the theft of €100 worth of groceries from Tesco, Hillcrest, Lucan, on August 26.

She had no previous convictions.

The offences were out of character for the accused, her barrister Jennifer Jackson said.

Lawrence had separated from her husband and had moved in with her mother.

She had a lot of difficulties emotionally at the time, Ms Jackson said.

The defendant had offered an early guilty plea.

The judge said he was taking account of the fact that the defendant had been in "emotional freefall" when she committed the thefts.

He adjourned the case to a date next month and said he would dismiss the charges under the Probation Act if the accused made a charity donation.

Lawrence was remanded on continuing bail.