Wednesday 19 September 2018

Teen feared her killer dad Nash would hunt her down in England

Killer Mark Nash
Killer Mark Nash
Ella Porter and partner Daisy Cooper

THE daughter of vile serial killer Mark Nash has spoken of her terror that he would track her and her mum to their home in Britain and murder them.

Ella Porter (18) found out four years ago that her absent “deadbeat dad” was actually jailed murderer Nash.

She has said that “veiled threats” written in letters from Nash to her mother, Lucy, in England left them terrified.

“I was always really afraid that one day he would come.... that I would open my door and he would be there,” she said.

“I was always scared that he would find a way to contact me and that I wouldn’t know what to do, and that he would do something really, really horrible to me and my mother... I was really, really afraid of that,” she said.

Nash is currently serving multiple life sentences for the 1997 murders of a young couple at their home in Roscommon and the vicious killings of two older women at Grangegorman sheltered accommodation.

Nash was jailed for life for the 1997 murders of a married couple Carl and Catherine Doyle in Co Roscommon.

He also left his girlfriend, Sarah Jane Doyle, for dead after hitting her over the head with a stove handle and pushing her down the stairs.

Ella Porter and partner Daisy Cooper

Ella Porter and partner Daisy Cooper

Most recently, he has been found guilty of the horrific murders of Mary Callanan (61) and Sylvia Sheils (60), who were found dead in sheltered accommodation at Grangegorman the same year.

Ella’s mother, Lucy, who was not in a relationship with Nash at the time, brought her daughter to live in England soon after the murders.

Jailed Nash bombarded Lucy with letters, telling her he was a “reformed b*****d” and that he missed her and his young daughter.

Ella believes that the evil killer lied about his prior actions and his intentions in his mail to England “to fool” the police.

“All the time he ever contacted my mother it was to scare her into bringing me to him or for the police to think he was getting better,” she told the Irish Daily Star.

“There has to be something very, very wrong with someone to be able to do what he did... I really do think that he is some kind of monster.”

Following evidence that Lucy gave to gardai in 1998 outlining how Nash had attacked her during their relationship, he threatened her in a note: ‘Seems you gave one hell of a statement, Lucy? Turning me out like that ain’t necessary’.

“Because my mother testified against him I believed that she was hardly in his good books... so I reckoned in my nightmares that he was going to come and get her,” Ella revealed.

Ella said that her mother was “very brave” to travel to Ireland in February this year to testify against her former evil partner again – and spoke of their relief at his sentencing.

“I was shocked but I was happy. I have no affection for him... there’s no love. I hate him.... he hurt my mum and he could have hurt me.”

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