Saturday 18 November 2017

Teen boy faces heroin charge

THE Children's Court in Dublin has refused jurisdiction to hear the case of a 17-year-old boy, who allegedly had more than €7,500 worth of heroin under his bed.

The youth, who was 15 at the time, has been charged with possessing the heroin at his Dublin home in March 2010. Judge Bryan Smyth said that the teenager should be tried in the Circuit Court.

He was remanded on continuing bail.

Obama treats birthday wife

US President Barack Obama took First Lady Michelle Obama out for a night on the town to celebrate her 48th birthday.

They dined at BLT Steak last night, not far from the White House. Earlier, with his wife at his side, the president gave her a lighthearted compliment at the White House, saying that, "When we first married, it was a little controversial that she was 20 years younger than me, but now it seems to have worked out okay". Mrs Obama spoke up to say she's 48. The president is 50.

Call to dismiss

Redmond case

A HIGH Court action by former Dublin city and county boss George Redmond, over planning tribunal findings against him should be dismissed because of delay in prosecuting his case, a judge has heard.

Following adverse findings against Mr Redmond in 2004 by the then Flood Tribunal, Mr Redmond, now 88, issued High Court proceedings in 2005.

He sought to challenge the tribunal's findings that he had received corrupt payments.

Mr Justice Paul Gilligan was told the tribunal was seeking to have Mr Redmond's action dismissed. The hearing continues.

TV protest at swearing tot

An anti-profanity crusader in the US is asking the ABC TV network to pull a Modern Family episode about a swearing toddler.

McKay Hatch, a student who founded the No Cussing Club in 2007, has called on members to contact ABC and ask the episode be dropped.

In the episode, Little Bo Bleep, the tot playing Lily says the word "fudge" as a substitute for an obscenity. It will be bleeped out.

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