Wednesday 22 January 2020

TDs rack up €300k in Dail bar but last orders called on unpaid tabs

A hefty €54,776 of draught beer was sold at the Dail bar
A hefty €54,776 of draught beer was sold at the Dail bar

Thirsty TDs and senators splashed out more than €300,000 at the Dail bar this year, with Guinness the most popular pint and Cork Dry Gin the favourite spirit.

A total of 5,670 pints of plain were served in the Leinster House bar between the start of the year and the end of November, figures reveal.

The next most popular draft beer purchase was Heineken, with 2,028 pints guzzled, followed by Carlsberg with 566 pints knocked back.

A hefty €54,776 worth of draught beer was sold, €27,216 of which was for pints of the black stuff.

Punters were charged €4.80 for either a pint of plain or pint of Smithwick's, with lagers all priced at €5.20 a pint.

A total bill of €302,533.90 - as outlined in a report from January 1, 2019, to November 30, 2019 -was notched up by the bar's customers.

Bottled beer proved to be less popular, with just €8,935 worth of products sold. Of those, non-alcoholic Erdinger was the most popular choice, with 321 bottles sold, closely followed by Coors Light, with 318 bottles purchased.

Cork Dry Gin was our politicians' favourite spirit, with 1,530 measures sold, at a value of just under €7,500 - nearly double that of the next favourite short, Smirnoff, 835 units of which was sold for €4,091.50.

Hennessy was the third-favourite spirit, with 536 measures sold, while just one measure of both Remy Martin and Powers 12 Year Old whiskey were purchased at the bar.

There was over €26,000 worth of wine purchased, with the own-brand Oireachtas once again proving the top-seller, with 2,974 glasses bought and a further 262 bottles sold up to the end of November.

However, tea and coffee were the most popular purchases in the Leinster House bar, with 12,741 cuppas served.

The figures reveal that hot beverages netted €39,100.70 in sales, and included purchases for 7,120 cups of Americano, 2,133 large Americanos and 1,503 cappuccinos.

It is not only drink that our elected representatives splash out on, with bar food accounting for €70,835.70 in sales over the same period.


A total of 5,314 wraps were scoffed, followed by 1,466 joints of the day, 1,127 dishes of the day and 984 portions of French fries.

Purchases of cigarettes and cigars also notched up a tab of €24,372.35 at the bar.

In April this year a new revised credit policy was introduced to put an end to TDs and senators racking up hefty, unpaid bar tabs.

The new rulings cap a credit period of just two months, after which any outstanding amounts will be classed as "aged debt" and automatically deducted from a credit or debit card of the politicians' salaries.

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