Sunday 23 September 2018

TDs and senators 'afraid to say' they are voting 'No'


Dr Tom Finnegan, Keith Mills and Eileen King
Dr Tom Finnegan, Keith Mills and Eileen King

POLITICIANS from all of the main political parties privately intend to vote 'No' in the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum, opponents have claimed.

The Mother and Fathers Matter campaign said its representatives have spoken to TDs and senators who are in favour of a 'No' vote despite the stance of their parties.

But group spokesperson Keith Mills declined to name individual politicians whom he said are against extending marriage to same-sex couples.

He said the representatives belong to all of the main political parties.

Mr Mills said that the campaign so far has seen thousands of people "silenced" because they feel they will be targeted if they speak in opposition to same-sex marriage.

Mr Mills's claims that deputies are too afraid to speak against their party's position comes after the Herald detailed the growing concern within Fine Gael about the so-called silent 'No' vote.

Senior party sources say a level of anxiety is seeping in, but that they remain confident the referendum will be passed.


Meanwhile, Mothers and Fathers Matter yesterday claimed Referendum Commission chairman, Justice Kevin Cross, is "wrong" after saying that a 'Yes' vote will not redefine marriage or give anyone the right to adopt or engage in surrogacy.

Group spokesman Dr Tom Finnegan also said the No camp posters have been "ripped down" across the country.

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