Saturday 16 December 2017

TD expenses must be overhauled

The great expenses' gravy train continues unabated for our politicians who claimed €6m in nine months last year. The rest of us are being urged to take the pain of the austerity cuts being imposed on us, but where is the pain for our TDs when it comes to their pay packets?

Let us not forget, they earn an average salary of €92,672 - so they are certainly not on the breadline.

Those really struggling tto make ends meet are the families who are entitled to an allowance for Communion and Confirmation costs.

It is troubling that on a day that we find out about the massive expenses being paid to our politicians, that these families are finding out that their payments are being overhauled - that is, cut.

The payment is being slashed from €242 to a maximum of €110, and then only for hardship cases.

It is indeed time for an overhaul - of TDs expenses, not children's cash.

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