Saturday 23 February 2019

Tayto Park aims to avoid repeat of Halloween scare

The House of Horrors was closed after last year’s incident
The House of Horrors was closed after last year’s incident

Tayto Park has made changes to the booking system for its Halloween attraction this year after wooden stairs collapsed last year, leading to nine people being taken to hospital.

People attending this year's event at the park, near Ashbourne, Co Meath, will have to choose a time slot when booking online instead of being allocated one when they arrive.

In the wake of last year's accident on the night of October 22, there was criticism from customers that there was a long queue for the House of Horrors attraction and too many people standing on the stairs at the same time when the structure gave way beneath them.


This year, the event has been renamed Morbid Manor, and the booking page on the Tayto Park website asks the question: "Are you brave enough to try and survive Morbid Manor?"

The event is being held in the same building this year, and a Tayto Park spokeswoman said the stairs have been repaired.

Last year, witnesses described hearing a creaking noise and a bang, which they thought was part of the Halloween attraction, before a section of the stairs gave way and collapsed.

The majority of the injured sustained cuts and bruises but some were taken to hospital as a precaution.

One woman, from Dublin, said the stairway was in two sections and she had just stepped on to the middle landing when the stairs behind her "vanished".

"We heard this big creaking noise and we thought it was part of the show, like trying to be scary, but then, next thing, people directly behind us just dropped and the whole staircase collapsed," she said.

"Obviously everyone got really afraid and everyone started crying and screaming and stuff, and running because we thought we were going to drop down as well, because we had just stepped off that staircase and everyone behind us had gone.

"We basically just saw everyone behind us just suddenly drop and they all landed on top of each other and the staircase completely gave way."

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