Monday 10 December 2018

Taylor's health is improving

Elizabeth Taylor was said to be improving in a Los Angeles hospital and receiving visits from family and friends.

Her spokeswoman Sally Morrison said the 78-year-old two-time Oscar winner was comfortable at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre and "there has been steady improvement in her condition" since she was admitted last week.

Elizabeth is being treated for symptoms of congestive heart failure, a condition she disclosed in November 2004.

US defence network breach

More than 100 foreign intelligence agencies have tried to breach US defence computer networks, largely to steal military plans and weapons systems designs.

Deputy defence secretary William Lynn said that while foreign governments and rogue states might try to launch more destructive attacks against military networks, most may stick to theft and spying because they were worried about a US counter-attack.

The greater threat, he said, were terror groups such as al-Qa'ida, which were more difficult to deter.

Greek economy to shrink by 3pc

Greece's economy will shrink by about 3pc or more this year, the central bank predicted -- meaning the country will wallow in recession for a third straight year as it battles to recover from its devastating debt crisis.

The forecast came as transport workers took to the streets, with Athens' bus, metro, tram and trolley systems grinding to a halt in a 24-hour strike to protest at planned reforms to cut spending and waste.

Flights halted for maintenance

Ninety-six United Airlines aircraft have been grounded temporarily while the US carrier performs uncompleted maintenance checks.

The grounding has caused 15 flights to be cancelled and an unspecified number of delays. The maintenance checks take 60 to 90 minutes.

The issue could affect United's schedule throughout today.

An FAA spokeswoman said United's move was voluntary and affected its Boeing 757 fleet only.

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