Saturday 19 January 2019

Taylor and Burton saga should be a lesson to all

You do hear of couples splitting up and getting back together for the rest of their lives. It's the old "boy meets girl", "boy loses girl", "boy gets back together with girl" scenario, and very touching it is too.

That's perhaps what people felt when it turned out that Sienna Miller and Jude Law, having been separated for three years, had reunited in October 2009. But -- and it isn't a great surprise -- now they've split up, and this time, it seems, it's for good.

Who knows what triggered the break. We know why they split originally. Jude Law slept with his children's nanny. But even without such obvious slip-ups, if couples, when they're together, only see the bad things in the other person -- the way they pick their teeth after meals, or laugh too loudly at their own jokes, or always overcook the steak -- when they're apart they tend to take an equally distorted view of the other's good points.


They regret having been so mean-minded. They look around and find that although their estranged partner had his or her faults, they have far fewer than most of the people they're meeting in their single environment.

The grass, which looked so withered when they were sitting on it in their relationship, suddenly looks extremely green again -- to both of them. And before you know where they are, they're back in each other's arms.

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton had a miserable time, see-sawing back and forth, and eventually splitting up completely. It was the old "can't live with him", "can't live without him" syndrome. It's a dangerous game.

And it's probably best, for everyone's sakes to call it a day.

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