Monday 18 December 2017

Taxi driver 'shocked' over brutal cab attack

John Constant
John Constant

A taxi driver has spoken of his terror after he was attacked by six passengers when he voiced concerns over one getting sick in his minicab.

John Constant (58) admitted he was "very lucky" to have escaped crippling injuries after he was punched, kicked and slapped by passengers he was driving home early last Sunday morning.

The vicious unprovoked attack on Mr Constant was the third serious assault on a Cork taxi driver in just over six months.

"All I did was raise concern when one of them started to get sick in the cab," he explained.


John said he stopped the minicab which was on a fare from Cork city centre to the Little Island/Glounthaune area around 4am on Sunday.

"They were getting out and one lad was still asleep. He had gotten sick and I said they would have to help me to clean up. That's when one of them took a swing at me. It was totally unprovoked."

John was hit in the face and suffered severe bruising around his eye. Almost immediately, he was confronted by several more of the passengers.

"The next thing I knew I was being punched. There were a few of them having a go at me."

When he took out his phone in a bid to ring gardai, the group warned him to get out of the area immediately.

"I'm very shook from it. Of course, I'm nervous about going back working. I'm not sure I will ever work nights again after this," he said.

It was the third vicious attack John has suffered in 25 years, one of which involved having a broken bottle held to his throat.

Last year, another taxi driver John Forde (59) suffered a savage beating from two young passengers.

The Government has now been urged to provide funding or tax relief for the installation of in-cab security cameras in all Irish taxis, which are standard in many UK and US taxis.


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