Thursday 17 January 2019

Tara's horror as her mum left homeless

The family of Irish actress and model Tara Leniston have been left homeless following the New Zealand earthquake.

And a friend and former colleague has been tragically killed in the natural disaster, which has claimed almost 100 lives.

Tara (27), who once lived in Christchurch but is now based in Dublin with her Irish fiance Andrew Fowler, has told of her shock after realising her family was in the middle of the disaster zone.

Their home on Hereford Street, situated in the heart of Christchurch, was completely destroyed.

And while her mum Julie and younger sister Laura Jane (17) managed to survive the 6.3 magnitude earthquake, an old friend of Tara's tragically died.

"The first I heard of what happened was when I got a phone call about 5am from my auntie. It's never going to be good news at that hour and she said 'there's been a huge earthquake in Christchurch'.

"I managed to get a call in to them and my mum said 'we're alive', then the phone went dead and my heart just stopped."

Tara managed to make contact with her mum again who revealed how luckily she was in the gym at the time of the earthquake, while her sister was at a friend's house having lunch and also escaped the worst of it.

Mum-of-one Tara said: "When she went back to the house, it had a big split completely down the middle."

Co Clare-born Tara revealed how an old pal of hers named Lizzie, who worked with her on the movie Meet Me In Miami, had been killed. Her mum and sister are now homeless and have "no idea" what they're going to do next.

"They're both in total shock and just need time to process what's happened but is it like something out of a nightmare," said Tara.


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