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'Take care no one gets killed', rally crowd told


Protestor Maura Harrington

Protestor Maura Harrington

Damien Eagers / INM

Protestor Maura Harrington

Around 1,000 people rallying to support the family at the centre of an eviction row that led to a vigilante mob attack were encouraged to "operate in secret", but to "take care" nobody got killed.

A significant number of those gathered yesterday at the protest in Strokestown, Co Roscommon, were from outside the town and had travelled specifically for it.

The McGann family have publicly denounced the mob attack which saw them returned to their home and have appealed for calm.


But there was angry rhetoric and repeated references to the War of Independence and the Black and Tans throughout yesterday's meeting.

Among those speaking was Maura Harrington, a spokesperson for the Shell To Sea campaign.

"[Michael] Collins had one major criteria: you keep your operations in total secrecy," she told the crowd. "There is absolutely no point in getting hauled through the courts, a waste of time and energy which could be put to better use.

"I will make one impassioned plea that you take great care that nobody gets killed and I'll tell you why.

"Because the b*****ds aren't worth doing time for," she told those gathered to loud cheers. "Finally, don't get caught."