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Syringe attacker was only out of prison one day

A HERO shop worker who tackled a raider to the ground suffered a seizure after he was stabbed in the head with a syringe. It has emerged that the raider was only released from prison on Friday – just hours before the assault on Saturday night.

The shop victim – a 30-year-old married man – remained in a critical condition today after the horrific attack in the James’ Street shop.

The masked raider, who was armed with a syringe full of blood, entered the store shortly before 10pm on Saturday and was making off with the contents of the till when he was wrestled to the ground by Jahanzaib Butt and another store employee.


It is understood that this suspect who is originally from Co Meath – was only released from prison on Friday.

After he threatened and attacked staff, they held him until the gardai arrived.

During this altercation, store manager Mr Butt was stabbed in the head with the syringe.

The suspect, who was in his 30s, was arrested at the scene.

He remains in custody at St James's Hospital, where he is being treated for a leg injury believed to be a broken ankle.

He is expected to be released later today and brought to Kevin Street Garda Station for questioning. It is believed that Mr Butt, a married man in his 30's with no children – suffered a suspected brain seizure after he was stabbed and he is being treated at the intensive care unit at St James' Hospital.

Sources say that he is in an induced coma at the hospital.

Mr Butt has been living in Dublin for the past 10 years and is understood to have been working in the Spar shop for virtually all this time. He lives with his wife beside the shop.

He is originally from the small city of Sialkot in Pakistan and his close pal Adeel Batt told the Herald that he is “completely shocked” about Saturday night's terrible events.

“We are from the same city and I have known him all my life. I have been living in Ireland for the past eight years and he has been a great support to me all that time.

“We really hope that he will pull through – we will know more at 2.30pm today when the doctors try to take him out of his coma.

“The information that we have received is that he suffered a brain seizure rather than a heart attack,” Adeel said.

“He was just trying to save the money for his employer when this happened,” Adeel added.

“He is a hard worker and liked his life in Ireland. He intended to stay here.”