Saturday 18 August 2018

SWAT'S the problem? Polish cops reassure Irish fans

POLICE in Poznan have rushed to reassure Ireland fans that they will be safe during the Euro Championships, despite reports that the Polish city can be dangerous.

Supporters had been warned to be on alert for muggers and football hooligans, but the authorities have declared the area safe.

Deputy Commander of the Municipal Police in Poznan, Roman Kuster, said: "As far as the Poznan police is concerned, we are ready for the Euro 2012 championships.The tournament could start tomorrow.

"We have been preparing for a long time for this event, we are ready to fight and we are able to manage all kinds of issues although we hope we won't have to."

All police officers in Poznan carry a gun and a small pepper spray although certain units are also armed with water cannons.

Trap's boys play Croatia in Poznan on June 10, and return to face Italy eight days later.

Local police spokesman Andrzej Borowiak said that 2,500 officers would be working in the city on match days. In the official fan zone, at the heart of the city, up to 100 officers will support around 400 private security officers.

Two hundred CCTV cameras and several mobile camera units will help closely monitor other areas including the Old Market Square, and camping sites such as Polcamp 2012 and the Carlsberg Fan Camp.

At the stadium, the local police will be assisted by gardai to ensure that Irish fans are safe and do not cause problems.


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