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Suspected Regency AK-47 killer flees hideout and goes to North

A feared gangland criminal, classified as the main assassin for the Hutch mob, has fled his north inner city home and is believed to be hiding out with other criminals in the North.

The gangster, who is in his early 30s, is suspected of being one of the gunmen armed with AK-47s who stormed the Regency Hotel and shot dead rival gangster David Byrne in February's high-profile gun attack.

This has made him a prime target for the Kinahan cartel. After months of hiding out in Dublin, the hitman is now understood to be based in the North because of fears that he will be shot dead.

"The Hutch gang is in a bit of a state of disarray at the moment, everyone is wondering what their next move will be.

"Some of the main players in it are in jail and others have moved out of the country, and then you have some fellows staying in different hotels each night," a source said.

"The feeling is that they will need to regroup before they can properly tackle the Kinahan cartel," the source added.


Of the five feud-related murders that have happened since Gary Hutch was shot dead last September, gardai suspect four have been carried out on the orders of the cartel.

The intended target of one of these fatal shootings, convicted criminal Keith Murtagh, is believed to be still based in England after fleeing there just days after innocent bystander Martin O'Rourke was shot dead by a reckless hitman in Sheriff Street last month.

Sources say that officers are "unaware" of underworld reports that the feud's latest victim, 'New IRA' member Michael Barr was not murdered by the cartel.

It has been claimed that Barr's murder was an attempt by associates of slain Gary Hutch to get dissident republicans directly involved in the gang bloodbath.

However, sources say that gardai are still "fully convinced" that Barr was murdered because of his close links to the Regency Hotel gunman nicknamed 'Flat Cap', who was photographed fleeing the hotel.

While 'Flat Cap' remains in Northern Ireland, there is no intelligence that the Hutch gang assassin has linked up with him across the border.

It previously emerged that the assassin warned gardai that the gang war between the Christy Kinahan cartel and the Hutch mob would not end until Daniel Kinahan was shot dead.

The comments were made when officers raided his northside Dublin home in February.

"We will not rest until Daniel Kinahan is dead. He caused all of this - it won't end until he is in his grave'," the gunman said.

This notorious north inner city criminal is a feared hitman who is suspected of carrying out the murders of Paul Kavanagh last year, as well as Eamon 'The Don' Dunne in 2010, on behalf of the Kinahan cartel.


However, he cut ties with the gang after the murder of his close pal, Gary Hutch, and is now their sworn enemy.

In the aftermath of Gary's murder, sources revealed the hitman refused to attend a number of meetings which the cartel attempted to organise with him because he was "disgusted and heartbroken" about what happened to his pal.

He had spent a number of weeks in Dublin after the Regency Hotel gun attack, but is now mostly based in the North.