Thursday 21 February 2019

Sunny skies are finally here as temperature is set to rise to 19c

Little Kai Pierpoint Sheridan (22 mths) pictured enjoying a picnic with his parents, Nicola and Dan at St. Ann's Park, Raheny
Little Kai Pierpoint Sheridan (22 mths) pictured enjoying a picnic with his parents, Nicola and Dan at St. Ann's Park, Raheny
Met Eireann director Eoghan Moran and head of forecasting Evelyn Cusack launch the app with Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy
Ms Cusack with app developer Joanne Walker
A reluctant dog has its photo taken by it owner at St. Ann's Park, Raheny
Walking the dog at St. Ann's Park, Raheny yesterday

Soaring temperatures and sunny skies over the coming days will be a welcome reprieve after a long, harsh winter.

However, it's best to keep the umbrella on standby with a mixed bag in store for this weekend.

Evelyn Cusack, the head of forecasting at Met Eireann, had a sunny outlook for the weather over the coming days, but it looks like the hot African air plume will be joined by some unsettled conditions.

"This weekend, we are predicting temperatures into the mid to high teens, so that is even slightly above average. It's going to be lovely," she said.

However, the national forecaster has warned that the warm temperatures look set to bring some thundery downpours on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Today, a cloudy and misty morning will clear to make way for a warm afternoon with highest temperatures of 15 to 19C.

Tomorrow will stay mainly dry with sunny spells and top temperatures of between 13 and 17 degrees.

However, it will be quite cold on Friday night with temperatures dropping to below 5C making it quite chilly for some.

Saturday will be warm and humid with temperatures reaching up to 18C, but the temperatures are also set to spark some heavy and possibly thundery downpours on Saturday evening.

There will be more showers on Sunday, set to be a cooler day, although there will be sunny spells breaking through.

Meanwhile, those looking to stay up to date with the weather in their locality will find it a breeze following the launch of seven-day forecasts online by Met Eireann for all the country.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy, who launched the new website and app yesterday, said it will allow people to view seven-day forecasts, including predicted rainfall and temperatures for people's own local areas.


Met Eireann's website is one of the most visited public sector sites. It received 412,000 and 328,000 daily visitors during storms Ophelia and Emma, respectively.

Ms Cusack said for the first time, "parish by parish, town by town, village by village, you can get a detailed seven-day forecast ahead".

The weather is a source of such interest to people because it is so variable, she insisted. "We are in the clash of the two air masses, from polar air and tropical air, and it really is variable on a day-to-day basis," she said.

Met Eireann utilises the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast based in the UK, which gives forecasts for the week ahead.

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