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Summer? It's another week of rain

ANY hopes that a real summer might emerge after a dry weekend are about to be washed away.

Heavy rain is set to return as our miserable pattern of wet weather continues.

Dublin enjoyed a brief period of sunny weather yesterday but it was back to business as usual this morning.

While the rain was expected to clear later today, drizzle is on the horizon for tomorrow on the east coast. One plus point is that temperatures were up to 21C today and could reach as high as 23C tomorrow.

Black clouds hung over the capital this morning, doing little to brighten the mood of commuters heading to work.


Persistent rain turned heavier as the morning progressed.

However, drier conditions were to prevail later on.

Tonight will be humid and temperatures will remain high throughout tomorrow, with Met Eireann saying it will feel close, especially in the south and east of the country.

There will also be sunny spells though outbreaks of rain are expected on Tuesday night.

Heavy rain is predicted for Wednesday but longer spells of dry weather is being forecast as well. At this stage, Friday is looking like being the best day this week and the better conditions are expected to continue into Saturday before the rain returns.