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Suicide note of bullied girl listed ask.fm

BULLYING victim Erin Gallagher named the website ask.fm in her suicide note, her mother has said.

Lorraine Gallagher told Channel Four News in an interview last night that she is haunted by what she saw when she found her 13-year-old daughter at their home in Ballybofey, Co Donegal, last October.

She also revealed that her eldest daughter Shannon (15) took her own life two months after Erin because she couldn't cope with life without her, and called for new controls on the social media site.



Ms Gallagher wanted to speak out after the death last week of Hannah Smith, who was bullied on the same site.

"I want ask.fm shut down because I don't want to turn on the TV again and see that another kid has killed herself because they have been bullied on ask.fm," she said.

"I asked myself questions. You just go around in a circle because with suicide you have no answers.

"When Erin died I ran to get help. I knew she was dead."

She said her daughter had written in a note: "I'm sorry I have to do this but I'm fed up of the bullying. She named ask.fm.

"Thousands of children are getting bullied every day on that site."

Ms Gallagher said her eldest daughter had also left a suicide note inside a Christmas present she had bought for her mum.

"Shannon was the oldest and she had never lived a day of her life without Erin. Everybody thought that because Shannon was a tomboy and outspoken that Erin needed Shannon.

"It was Shannon who needed Erin. Shannon just said 'Hi mum, I just want you to know how much I love you' and she said 'negative things happen for positive reasons and I hope to see you again very soon'."

"I want to get justice for Shannon and Erin," she said.

"Even if they can't shut down ask.fm, they can bring in a wall for the people who are bullying so maybe there wouldn't be as much bullying on ask.fm because they'd be too scared.

"Every time I walk through the front door I see Erin. It is one of the memories you will never forget."