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Stynes family tell of emotional journey as they prepare to bring hero Jim's ashes home to Dublin

Jim Stynes's family expect the emotion of his death to coming "flooding back" when his ashes are brought to Dublin.

The GAA and Aussie Rules icon's wife Samantha and children Matisse (12) and Tiernan (7) are expected to scatter them here later in the year.

"His family in Australia will be coming over but I'm just not sure when that will be," his uncle Kevin Stynes told the Herald. He said the family are still coming to terms with the father-of-two's death in March.


"Jim was a remarkable person. He was unique in that he will always be remembered by more than just his family; he will be remembered by an entire country, thousands, millions of people, he will be remembered forever throughout history," he said.

"He left his mark there is no doubt about that, wherever he went, he made his presence felt.

"It has been tough but we can't really miss him that much because he has been remembered that fondly but I am sure that it will all come flooding back when his ashes are brought back over.

"It is different in that regard but I suppose that also makes it special, we had to share this with everyone, usually when someone passes away it is only your family or friends that will remember you."

Stynes (45) requested his ashes be scattered in Rathfarnham, Dublin -- the home he left as an 18-year-old in 1985.

He was part of the last Dublin minor team to win an All-Ireland in 1984, before he went on to forge an incredible Australian Rules career which culminated with him winning the Brownlow medal, an award given to the game's best player. He remains the only non-Australian to have picked up the honour.

He lost his battle with cancer on the March 20, 2012 and he was granted a state funeral in Australia that was broadcast live on Australian TV.


His uncle, who still follows the Dubs avidly, also predicted an easy win for them in the final against bitter rivals Meath. "I think Dublin thought that they would walk over Wexford, they sometimes seem to struggle to get up for the games like that but they will be too strong in the Leinster final. Meath have a very good young team but it is probably just a few years too soon for them."