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Stylist who wasn't told client had virus 'fuming'


Hair stylist Ceira Lambert

Hair stylist Ceira Lambert

Hair stylist Ceira Lambert

Hair stylist Ceira Lambert has said that it's "deeply unfair" that the country's hairdressers have to close down for an indefinite period when restrictions start tomorrow.

The Shankill-based salon owner said she was left "fuming" after a client in the salon tested positive for Covid earlier this month.

Despite the client spending three and a half hours in her premises, nobody from the HSE's contact tracing system told her of the positive case.

The client tested positive three days after visiting the salon and several of the salon's staff received the alert two days later.

The client's stylist did not receive any alert as she didn't have the app installed.

When she rang the HSE to ask why nobody had contacted her directly, she said she was told that it wasn't in their policy as hairdressers are deemed low-risk places.

"I am fuming, I really am," she said.

"When the lady in the HSE said that my staff member who had been touching her head for three and a half hours wasn't deemed a close contact, I couldn't get my head around that.

"If hairdressers are deemed so safe, well then why are they closing us down again?


"We have a lot of people booked in for January as they felt more comfortable coming in when it was a quieter time and we don't know when we will get to see them."

She said she was thankful all her staff tested negative for Covid-19 but claimed there were huge problems with the HSE's contact tracing system.

"What if none of my staff members had the Covid app?" she said.

"We would never have known anything about this. It's just not good enough."

The HSE was contacted for comment.