Tuesday 22 January 2019

Student's second miracle escape

HONOURS student Donal Walsh walked away from a second serious crash less than a year ago.

Donal (22) escaped injury after being involved in a car crash with his dad in Waterford in May. And today he is miraculously uninjured after the terrifying plane crash in Cork.

Donal, from St John's Hill in Waterford City, desperately tried to smash the window of the plane when it impacted, but he was trapped by his seatbelt for an agonising 15 minutes. He was eventually pulled from the wreckage with just cuts and bruises.

Donal's father John Walsh described the relief when the family discovered that he was okay. "He was traumatised and covered in muck and so on and we don't think he suffered any serious injuries," John said.

"We're all just very glad he's okay. You look at the scene and you don't know how anyone survived it."

But it was the second time that the Irish and History student cheated death after the car in which he was a passenger smashed into a roundabout.

The First Class Honours student was returning from Belfast yesterday after attending a three-day training course with IFES Ireland -- a Christian Unions group, when the tragic accident occurred.

"I am fine with very minor injuries, all things considered," he said in a text to a friend.

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