Monday 11 December 2017

Students now claim to be responsible drinkers

Students are more responsible drinkers than young adult workers, according to a new survey.

A poll reveals that they are more likely to drink less, and less likely to find it acceptable to end up in hospital or in trouble with the police due to alcohol.

But three in 10 students still admit to blacking out, or losing their memory after drinking too much.

The survey, by the alcohol charity Drinkaware, found that less than one in 10 say they drink 16 units of alcohol or more - equivalent to eight pints of beer or eight glasses of wine - on a night out, compared with one in eight of young working adults.

More than three in 10 say they stop drinking before they reach their limit, compared to just over one in four of those of a similar age who are working. Just 3pc of students thought it was acceptable to end up in hospital after a night out.

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