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Student's gameshow tipped to be US hit

A STUDENT'S idea for a "psychological gameshow" could be heading to television after studio giants Warner Brothers picked it up.

Sean O'Riordan (23) from Tipperary says his creation is a mixture of Derren Brown and The Crystal Maze.

He came up with Newton's Law as a graduation project while studying at the UK's National Film and Television School's TV Department.


He said: "The most I can say is it's a psychological gameshow played between couples where one half faces their greatest fears so the other half can win their dream prize.

"It's about how far you would go for the other person in your life," he added.

O'Riordan also won a $5,000 (¤4,080) cash prize after submitting his pilot for the show to the New York TV Festival, where it was optioned by Warner Brothers.