Monday 21 January 2019

Student made threat to slit garda's throat

A STUDENT who threatened to slit a garda's throat felt he was being victimised following a heated argument with staff in a supermarket, a court heard.

Karl Smith Waddington (29) also kicked Garda Shane Doyle in the chest and spat blood at him.

His lawyer said Waddington was very upset at the time following a disagreement with supermarket staff, and he felt he was the one who had been wronged.

Judge Hugh O'Donnell convicted and fined Waddington €400.

The defendant, of Assumpta Park in Shankill, admitted before Dun Laoghaire District Court to threatening and abusive behaviour and assaulting Gda Doyle at Tesco in Ballybrack on July 18, 2013.

Sergeant Evelyn Reddan said gardai were called to Tesco following reports of a public order incident.

She said Waddington was verbally abusive to gardai and he spat blood at them. He also threatened to slit the throat of the two officers.

Sgt Reddan said Waddington also kicked Gda Doyle in the chest.

The court heard that Waddington has six previous convictions but hasn't been in trouble since 2005.


The defence said there was a confrontation in Tesco with employees, which was not of the defendant's making, before gardai arrived.

He said that by the time gardai arrived, Waddington was covered in blood and had a cut to his lip.

Mr Murphy claimed that Waddington was assaulted by Tesco staff and this incident was caught on CCTV. The matter has since been settled out of court, Mr Murphy said.

Mr Murphy accepted that when gardai arrived at the supermarket Waddington was bloody, dishevelled and had torn clothing.

Mr Murphy said the defendant got upset when he was arrested.

Mr Murphy said Waddington's behaviour cannot be excused, but from his perspective he'd been wronged, and he became "extraordinarily upset".

Judge O'Donnell said that no matter what happened, Waddington had no right to kick a garda.

Mr Murphy said the defendant has no issue with gardai, who were only doing their job.

The court also heard Waddington had a difficult upbringing and was barely literate until recently. He is currently studying sustainable engineering.


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