Friday 24 November 2017

Student Laura 'mortified' after yob lifts her skirt

Laura Duncliffe was attacked
Laura Duncliffe was attacked

A young woman was left "mortified" by a shocking incident in which a man pulled up her skirt in front of his jeering friends on a city street.

Laura Duncliffe (20) has bravely spoken out, saying that "it's not all right to brush something like that under the carpet".

She had been out with two friends in Washington Street, Cork, on Sunday night when they decided to go for something to eat.

UCC student Laura said they walked past a large group of men who whistled at them and jeered, but they initially ignored them until one approached her.

"As we walked along he left the group and he pulled my skirt up around me while the rest of them cheered," she said.


"My friend gave him a well deserved slap across the face."

Laura said she understood why witnesses may not have wanted to get involved, but was dis- appointed that no one asked if she was okay.

"Nobody stepped in, even though there was a big crowd around because it's quite a busy street with a good few bars and takeaways," she told Today FM's Anton Savage Show.

"Nobody asked me if I was okay, and anyone who witnessed it would have seen how shocked and frightened I was. Not one person asked if I was all right.

"I was mortified. I came home that night and I couldn't sleep. I was just sitting up and thinking about it.

"The personal embarrassment of it was one thing, but then the fright and shock leaves your system and the more angry and annoyed you get that someone could potentially get away with that.

"I went to the guards and I did report it. They were fantastic.

"You go through these stages of thinking, 'Am I being over-dramatic? Am I being a drama-queen'?

"But it's not all right to brush something like that under the carpet."

Laura said she has been overwhelmed by messages of support on social media.

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