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Student (9) had mouth taped

A teacher has resigned after putting tape over a pupil's mouth to keep the child quiet.

The supply teacher at Fowlmere Primary in Cambridgeshire, England is said to have used the sticky tape on the nine-year-old "as a joke" during a lesson. The school has apologised to parents after carrying out an investigation.

Hungary scraps internet tax

Hungary's prime minister has said the government will suspend a planned tax on internet use and reconsider the matter next year.

Two protests within the past week attended by tens of thousands of people were sparked by a scheme to make internet service providers pay just under 51c per gigabyte of internet traffic, later proposed to be capped at different monthly rates for individual and business users.

Jet forced back as part fell off

A passenger jet was forced to return to Gatwick Airport part-way through its flight to Egypt after a part plunged to the ground.

Thomas Cook Flight TCX1638 left the West Sussex airport at 9am with 237 passengers on board but had to turn back a short time into its flight to Hurghada.

The object is believed to have fallen from the plane near the Kent and East Sussex border, but it was not until the jet was over Belgium that the fault was reported. None of the passengers were injured after the over wing slide unit plummeted.

Parachutist got stuck on mast

Firefighters have rescued a parachutist who became stuck on the wires of a broadcast tower about 125 feet off of the ground and dangled for about two hours.

Emergency services were dispatched after the man's parachute became stuck on the wires connected to the KETC-TV tower in south St Louis County. Authorities haven't said where he jumped from.

A firefighter climbed the tower and passed an anchor to the man, who released himself from his parachute and was lowered to the ground. The man was taken from the scene in an ambulance. His identity hasn't been released.