Sunday 20 January 2019

Stress has no effect on IVF success

Stress and tension will not reduce the chances of falling pregnant through IVF, experts say.

Emotional distress caused by infertility treatment, or day-to-day stress in a couple's life, will not prevent the technique from working.

A study said many women believed they would not get pregnant either naturally or after fertility treatment if they were stressed. But a review of 14 studies on fertility treatment and stress found this not to be the case.

Experts led by Professor Jacky Boivin from the Cardiff Fertility Studies Research Group examined the effect of stress on women undergoing a single cycle of IVF.

A total of 14 studies involving 3,583 infertile women were included. Most of the women were assessed before fertility treatment for anxiety and stress, and some during the cycle.

The results showed that women who were stressed or anxious had the same chance of falling pregnant.

One of the authors said: "Whilst stress may not impact on the success of treatment, the need for patients to receive support and understanding should not be ignored."


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