Thursday 20 September 2018

Stars rock Olympia in sell-out concert for homelessness

Laura Whitmore arrives for the Rock against Homeless concert at the Olympia Theatre. Photo Damien Eagers
Laura Whitmore arrives for the Rock against Homeless concert at the Olympia Theatre. Photo Damien Eagers

Musicians have called on the future government to do more to address the homelessness crisis after a special charity concert last night.

A sell-out audience packed the Olympia theatre in Dublin as rockers and musicians from across the country came together to help those who are homeless in Ireland.

More than 1,200 people were entertained by acts such as Camille O'Sullivan, The Strypes, HamsandwicH, Le Galaxie, Mundy, The Stunning and Heathers, who came together to aid those in need.

Rock Against Homelessness was hosted by MTV star Laura Whitmore.

Ireland's homelessness crisis is so severe that 1,700 children and young adults in the country have no homes. The event, staged by Independent News and Media, aimed to raise money via the Irish Youth Foundation for young people living on the street.


Musician and singer Camille O'Sullivan compared the crisis with New York and London.

"When it involves children and people in vulnerable situations - some people need to leave their homes because of abuse - and we are one or two steps away from that ourselves."

HamsandwicH singer Niamh Farrell said: "We all need to be helping in any way we can."

Irish Youth Foundation's 'One For Ireland' campaign aims to raise €1m in April to directly improve the lives of children and young people who are homeless and living in emergency accommodation.

Sunday Independent columnist and feature writer Barry Egan helped organise the event.

He said it was important people remember how serious the housing crisis had become and the impact it was having on those who are left without a home.

INM editor-in-chief Stephen Rae said homelessness has to be at the forefront of everybody's minds.

"When those less fortunate need support, it is up to each of us to help in anyway we can.

"A lot of people have given up their time to make this event happen. Hopefully, the funds raised will help make serious inroads to provide homes for those who most need them in the very near future," Mr Rae said.

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