Saturday 20 January 2018

Star Kate reaches new Wuthering Heights

Actor Kate Brennan who will be appearing in Wuthering Heighst at the Gate Theatre
Actor Kate Brennan who will be appearing in Wuthering Heighst at the Gate Theatre

actress Kate Brennan has gone from supporting Paloma Faith with her band this summer to treading the boards in Wuthering Heights at the Gate Theatre.

Dubliner Kate (inset), the daughter of Stephen Brennan and Fair City's Martina Stanley, will take on the role of Catherine Earnshaw while Tom Canton will play the brooding Heathcliff.

"Even if you haven't read it, everyone has heard of Cathy and Heathcliff and Wuthering Heights, it's just a classic and I'm so excited about it," Kate told the Herald.

"As soon as I read the adaptation - which has focused on the Cathy and Heathcliff story - I just absolutely adored it.

"I was really taken by its darkness and I loved that about it.

"It's like a ghost story. I really connected to that dark side and the raw passion - it's not polite and director Michael Barker-Caven isn't doing a safe version of it, he's staying true to Emily Bronte and the darkness. I'm so excited about it."

Kate can't wait to get into the period costumes that have been commissioned for the production.

"I never really do stuff in this period so it's fun for a change to wear corsets and have dresses with big skirts," she said.


"The costumes are unbelievable - they even went to Paris to get some of the fabrics, so it's a real treat to have them made for me."

Kate has several strings to her bow, as she spent the summer touring with her band, Miss Kate and the Higher State, even supporting Paloma Faith.

"I loved playing festivals. I played the main stage at the Groove festival and Paloma Faith was headlining," she said.

"I couldn't believe it because exactly a year before when I had just started out with the band, my manager Lisa said to me, 'You need to make a goal, who would you like to support in a year's time?'

"So I was thinking about it and I said I'd love to support Paloma Faith and a year later I was on stage before her and got to meet her.

"It was incredible. She was so nice and all her band were brilliant fun as well."

Miss Kate and the Higher State are set to play the Cork Jazz Festival next weekend.

"I'm heading to the Cork and then I'll be focusing on Wuthering Heights as the play starts on November 18," she added.


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