Tuesday 25 September 2018

Stand-off as prisoner gets on roof to get drugs


A prisoner awaiting bail crawled through barbed wire to get to drugs that had been thrown up on to the roof of Cloverhill prison, leading to a two-hour stand-off.

The man was then later released after he shouted at staff to get his grandmother to post bail for him.

The inmate was being held on a criminal damage charge at the remand prison but could not be released until someone signed bail for him.

The incident happened yesterday and led to a stand-off for more than two hours.


Sources said the man, in his late teens, climbed up on roof that covered a seating area in the yard and from there dragged himself through barbed wire to the roof.

He was watched by prison staff on CCTV as he collected contraband from the room and insert it in his person.

After more than two hours of negotiations with an officer on a hoist, the man's grandmother came and paid the bail.

Then the prisoner came down on the hoist, collected his belongings and was released.

The Irish Prison Service said it is investigating the incident and commended the officers for the manner in which the stand-off was processed and finalised.

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