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Stakeout at home of escaped prisoners

GARDAI searching for two on-the-run prisoners are staking out the pair's former home in Dublin.

Vasile Feier (29) and Toader Feier (23) had been living in Portland Street in North Dublin before they were jailed in November of last year.

Officers are now investigating whether the pair have had any contact with friends at their former home, which was used as an address by up to 50 Romanians.

Members of the public are being urged to keep an eye out for the pair, neither of whom have very good English.

Meanwhile, police in Britain and Northern Ireland have been contacted in a bid to trace the two fugitive brothers. It's understood the pair previously lived in the UK before coming to Ireland.


Gardai believe they may have fled to Britain with the aim of avoiding deportation.

The deportation threat is believed to have prompted their farewell note: "Sorry, we had no choice."

Meanwhile locals in Castlerea have hit out at authorities for failing to inform them of the escape.

"The prison wardens are pretty laid-back so I'm not surprised, but my business is so close to the prison, you'd think they would contact us immediately," said one local.

The brothers were jailed for stealing the contents of a pay-and-display machine in Galway last November. People can call Castlerea garda station on 094 9620019 or at the control centre in Roscommon on 090 6638300.