Saturday 20 January 2018

Special needs man attacked by teens in city park 'too afraid to go out'

Fairview Park, inset Paul Deaton
Fairview Park, inset Paul Deaton
Paul Deaton was in Fairview Park and was attacked by three boys who said that they would set him on fire and kill him
Paul Deaton's injuries
Fairview attack victim

The family of a man with special needs has said he is too afraid to leave his home after a terrifying attack.

Paul Deaton (31), from Marino, is recovering from the injuries he sustained in an unprovoked assault in Dublin this week.

He is continuing to receive medical care for a wound to the top of his head.

As revealed in yesterday’s Herald, Paul was in Fairview Park looking at diggers on Wednesday evening when an unidentified teenage gang targeted and assaulted him.

They threatened to set him on fire and recorded the incident on mobile phones.

Paul’s sister, Linda, told the Herald today that her brother is still trying to come to terms with his sickening ordeal.

“Paul doesn’t want to go out ever again. “He is living in fear that these people will get him again,” she said.

The Deaton family believe that up to five people were involved in the attack.

“We now believe there were five and not three as was first thought. Paul has told us more since yesterday,” said Linda.

“We have different ages for them. Some people think they were aged between 16 and 18 and others think they were younger, about 14 or 15.

“We believe that it was recorded on a phone because a man who got in touch said he heard someone say, ‘Look at the video’.

Paul Deaton was in Fairview Park and was attacked by three boys who said that they would set him on fire and kill him

Paul Deaton

“The gardai were down in the park last night, and so was my fiance David. We are meeting the gardai again today and I am going with Paul to the doctor.

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“We’ve been overwhelmed by the expressions of support we’ve received. I’m amazed at how much support our community has given my family.

“It is unbelievable how much people actually care about my brother.

Paul Deaton's injuries

Some of Paul's injuries

“There’s a huge amount of people who saw my post on Facebook about what happened and people have got in touch by private messages.”

Paul lives at home with his older brother Brian (34), who has a learning disability, and their mother, Dorothy.

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