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Spar worker hailed hero in gay stand

A Spar worker has been praised for taking a stand and refusing to serve a couple who made homophobic remarks about another customer in Dublin.

The story has gone viral on social media after the man took to the internet to thank the shop worker for his actions at the store last night.

It was also picked up and shared by drag queen and pub owner Panti, aka Rory O'Neill, who used Twitter to broadcast it to a wider audience.

The customer who was verbally abused in the shop, and the abusers, have not yet been identified.

The incident took place at a Spar on the southside of the city yesterday.

The person who was abused was buying groceries at the time.

"So I'm in the Spar on Baggot Street getting a few messages and, as is my wont, I'm somewhat flamboyantly dressed in a big woolly jumper and short shorts," the customer wrote.

"A D4 Head is in front of me in line and he turns to his Scaldy Hun girlfriend and says to her 'Look at the faggot in the shorts' and they both laugh," he recalled.

He described the incident as "bleak" before a shop worker stood up for him after hearing the verbal exchange.


"The Spar guy refuses service because he heard what the guy says," the man wrote.

"The D4 Head asks what he said, and the Spar guy tells him he won't serve someone who calls another person a faggot.

"The D4 guy says this is ridiculous, but Spar guy stands his ground, and after a bit of huffing and puffing, D4 Head and Scaldy Hun leave with no smokes and no wine.

"I somewhat blushingly thank Spar Guy profusely for his decency and get smokes and wine. Here's to Spar Guy."

The story went viral online as people passed on their praise for the unknown Spar worker who has been hailed a hero.

However, the shorts-wearing customer also came in for some criticism for calling the couple in the shop 'D4 Head' and 'Scaldy Hun'.

But Rory O'Neill defended the language used by the customer who had been branded a "faggot".

"Understand the difference between abusing someone in a shop and describing an unidentified person as unattractive to friends," he wrote on his Twitter account.

O'Neill, a gay rights activist, was embroiled in controversy earlier this year when he spoke about alleged homophobia on an RTE chat show.