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Sour note for plucky guitar shop owner after robbers strike again


Jimmy Scanlon of Jimi's Music Store, that was broken into last week

Jimmy Scanlon of Jimi's Music Store, that was broken into last week

Fergal Phillips

Jimmy Scanlon of Jimi's Music Store, that was broken into last week

A WEST Dublin guitar shop has been burgled for the second time in two years after raiders smashed through the door and grabbed a hoard of unique instruments.

Jimi's Music Store, on Ballymount Drive in Walkinstown, was hit just after midnight last Wednesday night and seven guitars with a retail value of around €30,000 were either taken or damaged beyond repair.

The shop was previously robbed in 2012 when 50 guitars worth a total of €100,000 were taken.


In the first raid the gang reversed a van through the front door of the shop, and the owner has since installed bollards to stop the same thing happening again.

But in the most recent raid the gang wrenched the metal shutter off the wall and broke through the front door.

The shop was also ransacked and guitars were smashed in the raid.

"It is very disheartening. I've been here since 2009 and this has happened to me twice now. You start to wonder if you should just close up or keep going," owner Jimmy Scanlon told the Herald.

"My insurance premium is way up since the last raid, but what I can't understand is why anyone would steal these instruments, because they are virtually impossible to sell-on," he added.

"Most of the last batch turned up stuffed into a stolen car around three months after the robbery and were damaged, and I can't see how the guitars stolen last week will be any easier to shift because they are quite recognisable and have no guitar cases," Jimmy explained.

He thinks fewer guitars were stolen last week because the gang took longer to gain access and then spotted the CCTV cameras.

"They took time coming in and set off the alarm, and then they had to find the hard drive for the CCTV and destroy that, so all that took time away from their plan of lifting guitars," said Jimmy.


"It seems they didn't want to hang around and grabbed what they could and escaped," he added.

The guitars stolen in the recent robbery include a 2012 Gibson 335 Sunburst, a 2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard, a 1995 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster and two Martin guitars.

Photographs and serial numbers are available on Jimi's Music Store Facebook.

Jimmy is now appealing for anyone who knows where the guitars are, or who is offered them for sale under unusual circumstances, to come forward and help gardai try to find the raiders.