Monday 11 December 2017

Sounds like a lucrative celebration of 50 years

The hills are alive with the sound of a big, lucrative anniversary.

The 1965 Oscar-winning film adaptation of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music is celebrating its 50th birthday and its star Julie Andrews (below) can't quite believe it.

"This is a lovely moment to mark. I've been saying all along it's like a very bad joke because surely it was only 30 years ago - not 50," she said. "I feel I lost 20 somewhere along the way. A little thing called life got in the way."

To honor the milestone, 20th Century Fox is releasing a five-disc DVD collection, the soundtrack is being re-released, and the film will be screened at over 500 cinemas in April.

Four new books about the film are also being published.

The musical and movie are a fictionalized account of the life of Maria von Trapp and tells the story of a 1930s governess who teaches her charges to sing and falls in love with her employer, naval captain Georg von Trapp.

Christopher Plummer (85), who played Captain von Trapp, has in the past derisively called the film "The Sound of Mucus".

"I've never really knocked the movie; I just knocked the experience of playing a part which I didn't think was very exciting, that's all," he said.


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