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Sorry isn't enough in water mess

It was a long time coming, but eventually the powers-that-be owned up to their mistakes and said sorry.

The question now is whether apologies from Environment Minister Alan Kelly and Irish Water boss John Tierney are enough, given the scale of protests witnessed across the country last Saturday.

The fact is that the Government and Irish Water have a huge task ahead to gain the trust of householders and put in place a fit-for-purpose metering system.

Huge consultancy bills, controversy over PPS numbers and the slow roll-out of meters have all served to damage the project to establish the biggest ever state utility.

The Government and the quango have now been forced to drop their bullish strategy of ignoring people's concerns and simply pushing on.

Having apologised for errors, they have now promised to fix charges for a period and overhaul how Irish Water works.

Words are all very well. But those involved will be judged on their actions.

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