Saturday 19 January 2019

Son could lose leg after dad's jeep crushes him

AGONY: Debt-collecting expedition sparked iron bar fight in driveway

A YOUNG man may have to have his leg amputated after a bizarre debt-collection incident.

Gardai are investigating the circumstances of the incident, which happened outside a house in Ballyfermot during the last bank holiday weekend.

Sources say the shocking altercation began when a father-and-son team called to the home of a minor criminal to collect a debt of just €200.

They arrived at the property in a jeep and when the younger of the duo saw the young man who owed them money, he jumped out of the jeep armed with an iron bar.

But the debtor was armed with a knife and a violent struggle ensued which resulted in the man armed with the iron bar being stabbed several times.

As the two young men struggled with each other, they fell to the ground.


Local sources say that in the confusion, the driver of the jeep ended up driving over his own son.

"The young fella was left in a terrible way after his dad drove over him.

"He suffered a broken pelvis and a crushed femur -- he was rushed off to hospital but his leg is so badly damaged that doctors think it may have to be amputated," said a source.

"He also had to be treated for stab wounds which were not life threatening," the source added.

It is expected at least two of the three men involved will face criminal charges. Sources say that none of the participants are known to gardai for involvement in gangland crime.

Despite the incident, the Ballyfermot area has seen a big decline in violent incidents.

Sources say that a major reason for this is that some members of feuding gangs have fled the area or are locked up.


Top of this list is gang boss Derek 'Dee Dee' O'Driscoll, who has been based on the continent for most of the past year.

Little has been heard of O'Driscoll (37) -- one of the country's most notorious gangland figures -- since he left Ireland shortly after the double murder of two of his biggest rivals last June -- brothers Kenneth and Paul Corbally.

He did not even come home for the funeral of a former close pal who died from an overdose in Co Kildare last month.

O'Driscoll, who has convictions for bribing a garda, assault and larceny, first hit the headlines in 1997 when gardai found a jaguar cat in his home

Sources say the streets have also been much calmer since O' Driscoll's right-hand man, Derek 'Wertho' McLoughlin, was locked up last year.

McLoughlin (39) is serving a four-year sentence for possessing a .38 handgun and ammunition.


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