Thursday 22 August 2019

Son cleared in fish knife case Japan hit by births slump Rooney keeps stepson at bay Crackdown on abortion clinics

A FATHER-of-two who claimed he was "only doing what he was told" by his fisherman father and was bringing a gutting knife down to him at his boat has been cleared of possession of a dangerous weapon.

Richard McLoughlin (28), of Pinewood Green Road, in Balbriggan, claimed his mother rang him and asked him to bring the knife down to his father. A judge struck out the charge.

Swords District Court heard that Garda Derek Dalton stopped and searched McLoughlin at Cardy Rock Lane in Balbriggan on September 30 last year, and found a knife in his pocket.

Japan hit by

births slump

Japan's population is at its the slowest growth since 1920.

The government said in its census report issued today that Japan's population stood at 128.05 million as of October 2010, up 0.2pc from the previous census in 2005.

It said the figure marked the slowest population growth since Japan began a census and attributed the weak growth to the nation's extremely low birthrates.

Rooney keeps stepson at bay

A judge has extended a restraining order Mickey Rooney (pictured) obtained against his stepson until April, but said the actor must appear if he wants continued protection.

The Los Angeles judge ordered Christopher Aber to stay away from the veteran Hollywood actor until a hearing scheduled for April 5.

A conservatorship has been established to protect the Oscar-nominated 90-year-old actor's money, which he claims have been mismanaged by Mr Aber.

Crackdown on abortion clinics

THE US state of Virginia has taken a big step toward eliminating most of the state's 21 abortion clinics by approving a bill with rules so strict the medical centres would be forced to close.

The new bill means it will become the first state to require clinics that provide first-trimester abortions to meet the same standards as hospitals.

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