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Son a 'raging bull' after being woken on day off

A YOUNG man who acted like a "raging bull" when his mother woke him up too early on his day off work has been found guilty of breaching a safety order she took out against him.

Lee O'Connell (21) had been roused from sleeping on the couch at his home when he began screaming abuse at his mother, "terrifying her out of her skin".

O'Connell denied putting her in fear, insisting he was only standing up for his younger brother after his mother asked him for rent.

He also alleged that his mother slapped him, swung a kick at his head with her Doc Marten boots and was highly strung because she had run out of cigarettes - claims she denied.

O'Connell denied breaching the order at Derry Road, Crumlin on July 9 last.

Judge James Faughnan found the facts proved and adjourned sentencing.

Dublin District Court heard the accused was a kitchen porter and was asleep on the couch at home on a day off.

The electricity had been cut off and his mother, Mary O'Connell had been asking his brother Jordan (18) to pay her €20 rent.

Ms O'Connell told the court she then called Lee but it was "too early in the day" for him and he "went mad", screaming furiously and roaring at her.

"He was abusing me something dreadful. He was screaming at me in a way that I was terrified out of my skin," she said. "When I called the guards, he said I hit him. I didn't hit him."

She said her son "turned on her" if she even looked at him.

Cross examined by Conor McKenna BL, she denied slapping the accused because he was standing up for his brother.

She also denied she was wearing Doc Martens and that she went to kick Lee, insisting she kicked the couch with runners on. Mr McKenna said Ms O'Connell was suggesting that her son was "going around like a raging bull".

The accused claimed his mother had been "like a demon" because she had no cigarettes.