Tuesday 16 January 2018

'Something like this shouldn't be allowed to happen' - park visitors

Ita and Gary Byrne from Terenure
Ita and Gary Byrne from Terenure
Bethany McKnight and Cameron Torrens from Edinburgh
Alan Kirwan from Terenure

Dubliners and tourists expressed shock last night after discovering that drug addicts were injecting in the bushes of St Stephen's Green.

The Herald today lifts the lid on the serious drug problem in our city - and members of the public have demanded action.

Visitors to the park yesterday said they were disappointed to learn drug activity was taking place there.

Dubliners Ita and Gary Byrne, from Terenure, said it was "shocking" and called for something to be done.

"We always visit the park when we come into the city centre," said Ita.

"We also spent many childhood days here and have never seen anything like this. It's a beautiful park, it's so sad to see this.

"I would often walk in here on my own, but I don't think I would any more."

Tourists Bethany McKnight and Cameron Torrens, from Edinburgh, described it as a sad situation.

"We have never been here before and the park just looked so nice so we decided to come in. It's very disappointing to see this happening," said Bethany.


"People should take pride in and respect their city and attractions. Something like this shouldn't be allowed to happen."

Cameron, who was enjoying the sunshine in the park yesterday, was also unimpressed by the situation.

"We're from Edinburgh and we see drugs all around our city - everywhere has its bad spots. We're in Dublin for three days, so hopefully we don't see anything like this again."

Alan Kirwan, from Terenure, also agreed the situation was lament-able in one of the city's most popular parks.

"It really isn't nice to see these images because St Stephen's Green is a nice place to come for a walk and chill out," he said.

He also agreed with the introduction of supervised injection centres in the city.

"On one hand you can see why people may be against it, but if it stops addicts from injecting in public, it would be a good thing," he added.

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