Monday 20 January 2020

Sneak Peak at Cillian playing a Blinder in new series

Cillian Murphy in the new series. Photo: PA
Cillian Murphy in the new series. Photo: PA
Helen McCrory. Photo: Robert Viglasky

Peaky Blinders fans have finally learned the broadcast date for the long-awaited fifth series.

The hit Birmingham-based TV drama featuring Cork star Cillian Murphy will return to BBC One on August 25.

Murphy's character Tommy Shelby is seen brooding over a gun in a new picture released ahead of the new series.

The dramatic image shows the gangster-turned-MP sitting at a table with his head in his hand. In front of him sits a gun and a single bullet.

The Bafta-winning series, which also stars Tom Hardy, Helen McCrory, Sam Neill and Paul Anderson, has been a hit across the world.

The fifth season will see Thomas Shelby trying to make his mark politically as fascism rises around Europe ahead of the Second World War.

It built a cult following on BBC Two, but for the fifth series it has moved to BBC One.


Showrunner Steven Knight said previously: "Peaky is a show nurtured and grown by the audience who have found us through word of mouth. Hopefully this move will help us reach even more people."

The action-packed show will tackle a world thrown into crisis by the financial crash of 1929.

In an interview with a British newspaper this week, Murphy said he was surprised by its success after taking the role.

"I didn't understand the title," he confessed.

But he was impressed by Steven Knight's story, which was inspired by a real-life gang who had become a part of Brummie folklore.

"When something becomes successful you never know how or why - it's by osmosis."

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