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Smithfield site to be cultural beacon

CITY bosses are to draw up a framework plan for staging cultural events at the rejuvenated Smithfield Plaza.

It comes after the controversial Smithfield horse fair was reduced from a monthly to a biannual event.

The curtailing of the fair has allowed Dublin City Council to consider a wider variety of uses for the plaza, which has received a €4m upgrade.

The council says it will carry out a consultation process shortly to produce a "cultural, creative and community framework for ... Smithfield Civic Plaza and environs".

It is being done in tandem with the city markets project, which aims to establish a retail food bazaar at the nearby fruit and vegetable market.


In a progress report on its City Development Plan, the council said it is carrying out major refurbishment works on the market building.

"The objective of the works is to introduce a new retail element to the market and to transform the building into a wholesale and retail market."

Independent councillor Christy Burke said that he would prefer a greater number of horse fairs taking place at Smithfield Plaza.

He said the fair on March 3 showed how successful they can be.

"I would prefer to see more fairs. I think the last one proved that, if it's properly run, it can benefit everybody.

"I had Australian TV last week wanting to interview me about it. There is great potential in having a properly managed horse fair," Cllr Burke said.