Thursday 18 January 2018

'Smell from sewer was so bad my wife fainted'

Eugene and Eileen Best at home (INM)
Eugene and Eileen Best at home (INM)
Eugene and Eileen, Best, in the kitchen of their home in Ballyfermot, they have been having problems with the smell of sewage in the house

A man whose wife fainted and broke her nose "due to stress" of sewerage problems at their home fears the issue is not solved.

Former truck driver Eugene Best, who lives in Convent Lawns, Ballyfermot, said that the smell in his house was so bad that his wife Eileen fainted and broke her nose earlier this week.

Mrs Best went to the doctor on Monday after she fell.

"The doctor said it was because of all the stress we've been under and all that," he said.

"I know it's going to happen again."

Dublin City Council (DCC) workers went to the home on Monday to investigate the sewerage problems at the property.

The gully drains at the back of his house were blocked with sewage for over a week. The drains have since cleared.


However, for a week and a half the house was overwhelmed with the smell of sewage from drains around the house.

The sewage overflowed into the back garden.

The family have been living in their council home since 1998 and the same problems have continually cropped up, Mr Best claimed.

He said the sewage has been coming up the drains and sinks about "two or three times a year" and now fears this will continue to happen.

Mr Best, who suffers from emphysema, says he had to "spend a fortune" on cleaning products to mask the smell coming up the drains.

He said he had complained several times to DCC about the problems at his home and he fears the issue poses a health risk to both him and his family.


There are also drains at the front of the house and the pungent smell even got into the family car which was parked outside the premises.

Mr Best described the smell inside his car as being "disgusting".

When asked for comment DCC said: "The matter is being investigated by the city council engineers."

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