Monday 18 December 2017

Smartphone ads are big turn-off for most users – just look at the numbers

Consumers feel least in control of ads on handheld smartphone and tablet digital devices, a new survey shows.

In what could be a key influencer for Irish marketers the UK study highlights the gap between widely used digital marketing ads and consumer preferences. It indicates that many of the ads run on the handheld devices (pictured) fail to make an impact.

The Vibrant Media study shows that one in three consumers feels out of control of ads on their handheld devices and only a quarter feel in control of them.

Half of smartphone and tablet users say they normally start ads on their mobiles by mistake. As many as 79pc are annoyed by ads that start by themselves and 45pc get "very annoyed" by ads forced on them. Two thirds of smartphone and tablet users prefer ads they trigger of their own free will.

Consumers want to feel empowered by their digital content use, not annoyed by ads that interrupt them as they go about their day. Many digital publishers tailor ads to desktop users and forget about those using smaller digital screens.

Meanwhile, answers as to which Irish media agencies have the most Twitter followers have been released.

Mediaworks director Fiona Field says her agency tops the league with 4,002 Twitter followers, followed by Mindshare on 1,910, MediaVest on 1,224; Vizeum, 1,189; Starcom, 976; Carat, 964; OMD, 744; Zenith, 450 and PHD on 242.

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