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Slimmer of the year lost 11st but gained two healthy sons

A 22-stone woman who struggled to get pregnant because of her size has been named as a slimmer of the year after losing half her body weight.

Laura Mack, 28, of Staffordshire, England lost more than 11st and will pick up her award today along with 11 other slimmers at the Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Magazine annual awards in the UK.

Ms Mack, who weighed 22st 3lb and wear a dress size 26/28, decided to lose weight after she was told her weight was stopping her becoming pregnant.

The Yummy Mummy Slimmer of the Year winner managed to drop down to a size 12 and has since given birth to two boys.

The Biggest Loser Slimmer of the Year award went to 26-year-old Liz Knight, from Lancaster, who was morbidly obese and struggled to stand up. Ms Knight, who used to weigh 25st 10lb and wear a size 32/34, lost more than half her body weight to bring her down to a size 14 and a healthy 11st 4lb.

She is now training as an exercise-to-music instructor.

Nurse Charmaine White, 52, from Exeter, lost 8st 7lb after three decades of failed dieting and picked up the Over-50s Slimmer of the Year award.

Ms White, who used to weigh 19st and wear a size 24/26, said: "Before I lost weight, I was self-conscious about giving advice to my patients."

She now wears a size 12/14 and weighs 10st 7lb.

Emma Anthony, 22, of Orpington, Kent, shed 6st 2lb to beat school bullies and become the Student Slimmer of the Year.

Ms Anthony, who used to weigh 16st and wear a dress size 18/20, was bullied for her weight at school.

Conley will present the winners with their awards and £1,000 each in London today.