Saturday 20 January 2018

Sleepless nights for neighbours as noisy new bridge whistles in wind

Whistling bridge
Whistling bridge

A NEW bridge that "whistles" in windy weather is keeping neighbours awake at night.

Complaints about the high-pitched racket have resulted in South Dublin County Council calling in a firm of engineers.

The Dodder Bridge linking Firhouse and Tallaght has now been nicknamed The Whistling Bridge, said local councillor Brendan Ferron.


"It's a quirky issue, but some people can't sleep with the high-pitched noise. It has people very annoyed," he said.

Mr Ferron has asked council officials if they can put an end to the nuisance.

The new pedestrian and cycling bridge has a 52-metre span across the River Dodder, linking Old Bawn and Seskin View with Firhouse.

Built at a cost of €550,000, it was officially opened in November and is widely used.

Sinn Fein representative Mr Ferron told council officials that the whistling bridge has become "annoying and upsetting" for people living nearby.

The steel suspension bridge was designed by consulting engineers Clifton Scannell Emerson and Associates of Blackrock, which has been asked to fix the problem.

"The engineers have been asked to investigate the source of the noise and propose a solution," a county council spokesperson said.

"This may take the form of a damper to the part of the structure that is resonating. The council expects to have a solution in the coming weeks."


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